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 Who We Serve

Students will be given an opportunity to participate in a unique program that allows them to work through problems with other students and adults. They will be able to get a deeper understanding of not just their curriculum, but larger real-world issues. Through the education center, students will also be able to meet and work with students from other schools along with collaborating with them on projects and having healthy debates. Home school students will have a new resource to help further their own education while giving them an outlet to work with their peers. Students will also be given the opportunity to work with businesses at an earlier age instead of waiting until college for internships.

Educators will be given the opportunity to form a community of other educators where they can learn and try out new teaching methods. The learning lab will allow them to test these new methods and receive feedback to further improve their skills. They will be able to bring their issues to the community to receive guidance and support from other educators. Educators will also be given the opportunity to discuss gaps with businesses to create and innovate new ways to close educational gaps so that students will be more prepared moving forward.

Families/parents/guardians will be given the opportunity to enhance their own skills while getting a better understanding of their child’s needs as they grow.

 Businesses will be given the opportunity to work with the new generation. Things are changing in the workplace and businesses need to keep up with and innovate for the change. They will be able to work with younger people to understand them and help their businesses stay relevant during the change. The education center will allow businesses to send their employees to workshops and trainings to help build their soft skills. As a participant of the center, employers will have the opportunity to host students for internships.