We are passionate about education in all its forms. Our role is to provide an intentional learning experience that focuses on human relations so that we all can move forward together.


Melissa Landis, Founder and Facilitator

Melissa has had a non-linear path to reach her vision of creating an education center. She graduated in 2007 with her BA in Communications from Lynchburg College. While there, she was introduced to experiential education and its many benefits. She became a student facilitator and led groups through experiences that focused on building trust, leadership, team work, and communication. She then worked in several positions where she saw first hand the lack of communication within businesses. She then started a counseling degree in adventure therapy, where her focus was on building resiliency programs for youth. She believed if we started earlier with these life skills, a child would have a better chance of growing into mentally resilient adult. While working at an addiction center as a group coordinator, she learned that therapy was not her path and left counseling to get an MBA. She completed the MBA in Entrepreneurship in 2018 from Lynn University. She is currently working towards bridging the needs of adults and youth through her vision of the education center. She is currently enrolled in an Instructional Design program from George Washington University and hopes to use these skills to replicate the education center in other locations once it is established.

Want to join the team?

I am looking for individuals and businesses with similar goals who want to take part in this new and exciting center. Contact me if you’re interested!