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The concept of the education center is based off of several philosophies combined from multiple fields of thought. Below is a brief outline of these philosophies.

  • The center uses system thinking for maximum impact. We are all part of a larger system and our attitudes and behaviors affect the system. By creating a space for all parts of the system to develop a common language, we are able to have a greater affect on the whole system.

  • Life skills are needed more now than ever. The problems we are facing require us to learn and practice skills that include problem solving, critical thinking, innovation, and collaboration. We need to be more intentional on how we are educating and learning these skills. For a full list of these skills please see skills page.

  • We must not only learn these skills individually, but together and simultaneously. We cannot expect a child to learn "21st- century skills” when they are surrounded by others who do not practice them. We cannot expect an adult to learn emotional intelligence at work when no one else is practicing them. The education center is designed to not only teach these skills, but creates a space to intentionally practice them across generations. We are a product of our environments.

  • We learn best by doing. This is the simplest definition of experiential education. All programming at the center will be based off of experiential education, the umbrella term for project-based learning.