The Vision

To create an education center that services children, families, educators, and businesses with the intent to learn and practice 21st century skills through collaborative experiential and project-based learning.

This vision will take several years to complete in its entirety. Below, the vision is broken down into steps for better understanding.


Step 1: Focus on Educators - Design a professional development program for a cohort of educators who will then design and implement a summer enhancement program as a pilot to demonstrate the success of a “learning lab” in Palm Beach County. Length of Step- 1 year

Step 2: Focus on Initial Programming – Clean up and continue the learning lab program and implement workshops for families and students. Secure a permanent site in Palm Beach County. Length of Step – 1 year.

Step 3: Growth – After initial programming and evaluation, programs and schedules will be set for students, educators, and families. The third phase will include incorporating business workshops, so businesses have a place to send their staff to work on building up their soft skills. Length of Step: Ongoing

The whole process will be documented for the intent to replicate in other geographic areas.